Our Pricing Model

At Sparks Electricians, we make sure to provide a fully transparent pricing policy. In other words, we are always reasonable. We let everyone see our pricing model.

A Fully Transparent Pricing Policy On Any Work

We charge by the hour or, a daily rate for most common jobs. We promise to break down the cost for you and charge per item for bigger projects. This will ensure for the price to be fixed and most fair.

For bigger projects we will give you a payment schedule where there would be a deposit and weekly instalments. The customer keeps a retention amount until completion.

Quotations For Bigger Projects

We provide fixed price quotations in written agreement with every customer. We strive to keep an open and tailored approach, so there is always room for changes to be made to the plan which would in turn also bring changes to the pricing.

Along the payment schedule we will also provide a schedule of work so you can see what is happening and when. We will provide a straight forward contract so that everything is clear as black and white with all parties in agreement.

We’re available to look after your electrical emergency 24hr a day.